A missing comma or accent mark, a poorly constructed sentence, or a word that was lost on the next page, in a diplomatic context, can cause an international conflict; in a business context, such errors can lead to million-dollar losses or a customer's withdrawal; in a personal context, they can damage a relationship or leave a bad impression.

Despite the predominance of image and video in today's world, written content, whether printed or not, is still very important in any type of communication. And in this respect, there is no doubt that the style is as relevant as the information.

Our language professionals will be responsible for reviewing, editing, and proofreading your content with the accuracy only experience can provide, paying attention to the style, typos, grammar, and editorial composition.

The rates for our editing and proofreading service are as follow:

Common languages: MXN $0.20 – $0.35 + VAT (USD $0.01 – $0.02) per word

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese

*Our translation service already includes correction of the original text.

*Delivery times vary according to the complexity and length of the content.

*Languages not included in the list of common languages will be quoted separately.

*Discounts or additional charges may apply according to the specific conditions of the project (delivery time, technical language, file type, frequent client, project size, etc.).