About EWGN

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Our mission is to be your full-service resource for translation and interpretation, editing and proofreading, and adaptation—topicalization and localization—of content, providing personalized attention and reliable communication, along with project management adapted to the needs of each client.



Our team of translators, editors, proofreaders, and interpreters is made up of language professionals who are constantly updating and furthering their education, knowledge, skills, and tools, professionals with high standards of quality and the ability to solve problems and meet the needs of the client in an efficient, kind, and punctual way.

The founding partners of our firm are Jason Eiker-Wiles (United States, specializing in English; editor and translator), Lucero García Flores (Mexico, specializing in Spanish; editor and translator) and Luz Elena Navarro (Mexico–France, specializing in French; editor and translator), who provide permanent, personalized, and comprehensive client attention. In addition, there will always be a project manager assigned to each client and a specific group of translators that will adjust to the client’s language needs.



  • Since our language professionals are fully trained, and we have several quality control measures, one firm handles all of the above services. Every document is reviewed multiple times and the personal project manager assigned to the client is responsible for sending the correct files, organized and on time.

  • Our firm, unlike other agencies, charges per word, not per page. In this way, the customer pays for the exact amount of work performed, and not approximations or rounding.
  • Our comprehensive translation, interpreting, proofreading, and adaptation—topicalization and localization—service eliminates your need to hire multiple content management providers (translator, proofreader, localizer, technical expert, etc.), saving you time, costs, dissemination of sensitive information, and errors and variances in the texts as a result of being sent to different contractors.
  • In our constant commitment to quality, if any of our work is delivered outside the agreed term, we offer a 30% discount on the corresponding document fee. 
  • As this is not a traditional agency, and we are always looking to better meet the needs of our clients, we do not have a large directory of language professionals who randomly receive the work of different clients. Specific language professionals will be individually assigned to each client, and these language professionals will always take care of the client’s content, so the corporate style, glossaries and dictionaries, and the specific directions of each client will be respected, without the need for double or triple reviews by the staff of the company that contracts us.